Tony met me at my storage unit with his 24 foot truck and a helper. It was cold out but these guys wore shorts and t-shirts cuz they were working so hard. They were very careful with my furniture and had used padding to protect it and a dolly to move it. The truck has a cool little lift on the back so you just load the furniture on the platform and the hydraulic lift lifts the platform up to the bed of the truck. Very efficient and a good way to save their backs. They emptied my storage locker and moved everything into the house exactly where I wanted it. They even had to take off a bedroom door to get our old antique desk in which they promptly put back on the door afterwards. I had stairs, turns and 2 levels and these guys always had a smile on their face and were very fast and careful. Everything was in perfect shape and placed where I needed it. They even offered to help me put stuff together like the bed frames and the mattress to place on top of it. Great guys, hard workers, fast but very careful. Would definately use these guys again. I think I called about 10 days in advanced to get an appointment. Also I might add, the best price when I researched angles list for moving/truck/2 men. Very reasonable.

Carmen M,

"I had scheduled another mover for that day. At the last minute, that person cancelled out because he couldn't get his truck started. Everyone was booked up, but Tony with Fisher told me that he could get two men and a truck out to my location that day and get the job done, and he did just that.
It went very well. It was quick and professional, and the movers were top notch and hard working. At one point, our sofa wouldn't fit through the door and around the corner at our new place. No problem, the movers managed to improvise and haul it up over the balcony and pull it through the sliding glass door. It was amazing.
We have lots of stuff, but the move was completed within a reasonable time frame. When it came time to settle the bill, I was pleasantly surprised that the total cost was about $200 less than I had expected to pay. They were courteous, professional, took good care of our belongings, and I'd use them again in a heartbeat."

Daniel M,

"Went very well. They were on time and efficiently maneuvered even my grand upright with relative ease. In addition, cheerfully problem-solved the removal of the chest freezer from the basement which ended up requiring removal and reattachment of a stair rail. At the new site, they put things exactly where I asked them to and even hooked up the washer and dryer."

"Great job."

Roberta Y,